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I've always been the loser, the goof, the geek, so just kind of getting used to that is weird. I get to kiss the girl and win the fights, which is what I've always wanted to do," he confessed. ' I'm like 'Oh, OK.' So that was how that worked," he laughed to ET in 2004 -- one year before he and Mc Adams stole the show at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards after winning Best Kiss.

Just a few years later, Gosling was dating Sandra Bullock -- and a few years after that, his co-star, Rachel Mc Adams."I was like, 'Hey Rachel, we should go out. By 2011, Gosling was dating another co-star, Eva Mendes, and while the pair (who share two young daughters) have remained private about their relationship, Gosling's mom has been a great stand-in at events.

She kind of wanted a girl deep down, but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby."The good-looking twosome is said to be over the moon with the newest addition to their home and were understandably overcome with love after meeting their child., could not be a better match for one another."All her friends love Ryan and Eva together," another source dishes."He tells her how sexy and perfect she is all the time...he's really romantic.

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And does the fact that Joi’s factory programming echo in her choices in their relationship negate the whole thing, or is that no different than a human’s emotional baggage informing their choices? Much of the film is Ryan Gosling wandering around alone, or talking to his hologram girlfriend, as he tries to unravel a mystery relating to Rachael’s fate and Deckard’s disappearance.

K is a Replicant, identified Not Real, but he loves Joi (Ana de Armas), an AI/hologram, and she loves him back.

(Yes, this is basically the plot of) Is their love less real because they aren’t organic?

And Dennis Gassner’s production design (aided by set decoration by Alessandra Querzola) is so grounded by practical use that this feels like a completely plausible future, where many things are automated and digital, but forms still need to be filled out in the police station.

This is a beautiful world because it’s ugly, less interested in wowing the audience than convincing them of the reality of the spectacle they behold. What is real, what isn’t, and how do you even define reality in a world where so much of the natural world is gone?

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