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But even though they play love interests on camera, does that mean they have take their on-screen affection off-screen? Also, a Japanese article revealed that Jae-joong had asked Han Hyo-ju to do away with the formal talk and to speak informally.

In this unidentified photo, Jae-joong snuggles up with his co-star. The request for informal talk means that he wants to get closer.

With a year difference in age (Jaejoong is 22 and Hyo-ju is 21), it’s obvious that the DBSK member wants to make his move….

In 2011, he released another digital single Pick Up Line under his own name.

Two teaser videos were released, the first one described as a comedic version that featured guest stars Jung Joon-ha (who is a close friend of So's) and Kim Byung-man (whom So named as one of his favorite comedians).

So spoke no lines in the mobile drama, and was "worried whether (their) emotions would be delivered just through (their) motions." The year before, he had appeared in a supporting role as a monster in the Japanese manga live-action adaptation Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro 2: Kitaro and the Millenium Curse.

His performance received critical acclaim, and won him Best Actor at the 2009 Grimae Awards, an honorable award chosen by directors in every broadcasting station in Korea.

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In 2017, So starred in the film Battleship Island, which depicts the unknown history behind the actual Hashima Island, where thousands of conscripted Joseon people were forced to work to death during the Japanese colonial era.

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