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He spent his earliest years in Bombeli, a farming village in Punjab, where the Sikh religion was founded in the 16th century. Different vegetables for making dinner.” He remembers his grandmother carrying huge bundles of fresh-cut fodder for their animals on her head.(Most of the world’s 20 million Sikhs still live in Punjab; in Canada, according to 2011 census figures, about 455,000 people reported they were affiliated with the Sikh religion.) Although he was only five when he left Bombeli for Vancouver, Sajjan’s memories are vivid. They owned three oxen, two that worked, and a lazy black one that preferred following around a little boy. There was no plumbing in their house; they fetched water from one of the village wells in clay vessels. He and his sister went barefoot most of the time, not because they were too poor to own shoes, but because they preferred it.and you’re not going to get back until 7 or 8 p.m.” Sajjan’s sister, now a Harvard-educated entrepreneur living in Seattle, still teases her little brother about how he played too much to be a good picker, and was too focused on eating the lunch their mother packed.“I whined about it for myself, but later I realized how hard my mom had to work,” he says.There were blueberries and raspberries at different stages in the picking season, but strawberries, which grow on lower bushes, were hardest to pick.“Either you’re on your knees or you’re sitting down,” he recalls.

“A lot of interesting characters came out of Moberly, the good and the bad,” Sajjan says. But our group of friends hated bullies; we’d always band together.” As he was entering his early teens, Sajjan says he was an indifferent student. He credits a Grade 9 social studies teacher with encouraging him in his school work and instilling new confidence.Sajjan was able to meet Muslim religious leaders who carry a great deal of authority and prestige in the district.As well, there was enough similarity between his family’s native Punjabi language and a dialect spoken in Kandahar for him to converse without translators. “I don’t know how many times my life was saved and my soldiers’ lives were saved because I’d get a message [from a local leader] saying there’s going to be an ambush, or there’s going to be a suicide bomber, or you’re going to get hit tonight by mortar fire or something,” he says.It happened the teacher was also a naval veteran, and spoke inspiringly of military service.While he grew more focused in the classroom, Sajjan also decided to start wearing the turban and following a more strict form of Sikhism.

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