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In May 1982, five months before she was killed by a parcel bomb, Ruth First paid tribute to her old friend and comrade Walter Sisulu on his 70th birthday — by then, the 19th he had spent in jail: "But her capacity to lead and her political strength is also the product of a good marriage — a good political marriage, but a good marriage, one that is based on genuine equality and shared commitment.

In the days of slavery slaves in general required passes to travel away from their masters however, in 1797 the Landdrost and Heemraden of Swellendam and Graaff-Reinett (the Dutch colonial governing authority) extended pass laws beyond slaves and ordained that all Hottentots moving about the country for any purpose should carry passes. 73) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire and overrode the Cape Articles of Capitulation.

He wanted the nation to understand his deep sense of loss and at the same time pay homage to the man who for so long, was the wind beneath his wings. In his office was an African lady, Marjorie, and she was typing. “I looked at this show and then this chap [Sisulu] came and opened the door. He was speaking English better than me who came from Fort Hare, where I had done a BA.

I had only seen men typing in Umtata, using their index fingers. He spoke English so fluently and he was running a successful estate agency with no degree.

Nkuli's most despairing moments came in 1984 when her mother, who had been in detention for almost a year, was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, of which two were suspended, for furthering the aims of the ANC.

In spite of the silence imposed on her, she had come to be recognised as a national leader and it was while she was sitting in a jail cell, in August 1983, that she was selected as a co-president of the UDF.

I am sure you are wondering why I don't tell you how I travelled back home.This was confirmed by the British Colonial government in 1809 by the Hottentot Proclamation which decreed that if a Hottentot and Khoikhoi were to move they would need a pass from their master or a local official. The various South African colonies then passed legislation throughout the rest of the nineteenth century to limit the freedom of unskilled workers, to increase the restrictions on indentured workers and to regulate the relations between the races.The Franchise and Ballot Act of 1892 instituted limits based on financial means and education to the black franchise, and the Natal Legislative Assembly Bill of 1894 deprived Indians of the right to vote.In 1910 the Union of South Africa was created as a self-governing dominion that continued the legislative program: the South Africa Act (1910) that enfranchised whites, giving them complete political control over all other race groups and removing the right of blacks to sit in parliament.The legislature established the Sauer Commission to investigate the effects of the United Party's policies — the commission concluded integration would bring about a 'loss of personality' for all racial groups.

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