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Oppression results from people abusing power or lacking consciousness about how power influences their own and others’ experiences.For these reasons, we advocate a power-conscious approach to addressing sexual violence. Simply put, it means paying attention to power dynamics at work in individual, institutional and cultural systems of oppression.Feminists have long advocated that sexual violence is more about power than about sex, yet few people understand what this means.Further, when mainstream feminist movements (i.e., white, middle-class, educated, cisgender women) highlight that power is integral to understanding sexual violence, that usually (re)centers power connected with only sexist oppression.Early sexual violence laws in America were rooted in property law.White men were the only people who could file charges of rape, as rape was considered a property crime -- something that reduced the value of a man’s daughter, essentially his “property.” Additionally, in the time period after the Civil War, white men falsely accused black men as perpetrators of sexual violence directed toward white women to maintain white men’s power and dominance.While misogyny, patriarchy and sexism contribute to sexual violence, we argue that the root of sexual violence is deeper than the sum of these sexist systems.

Community accountability, as described by the INCITE!When white, cisgender, heterosexual women at elite institutions of higher education are centered in sexual violence work (as they are now), they are the only ones to benefit.However, when marginalized populations are at the center of antioppression work, strategies are more comprehensive, resulting in more effectively dealing with interpersonal violence.Cory Batey was a black football player at Vanderbilt University; Brock Turner was a white swimmer at Stanford University.Both men were convicted of committing sexual violence.

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