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One guy even referred to me as an "ebony girl," as if I belonged in a tag on a porn site.

I largely ignored the men asking me to dominate them, which happened as frequently as every third or fourth message, but they did make me wonder: Were these men simply casting out a large net in hopes of catching anyone, or was there something about me that served as a beacon to white male submissives? As I headed into my late thirties, though, I thought of all the opportunities of sexual exploration I'd been denied because it may have interfered with an ex's "manhood," or because of my own lack of confidence.

So the guy who kept texting her must have been getting hope when she wrote back. They were all so nice, it seemed like I had a chance - they talked to anyone. They could be confused about anything: "I want a boyfriend, no I don't," "I can't get over my ex,""I don't want to wreck the friendship," etc.

He modeled the underwear as best he could in a public setting, and there was no doubt about his state of arousal.

He liked to be humiliated, and the thought that someone might see him in my panties had him erect.

He was visibly relieved to see me yet also nervous.

When I made him go into the restroom and change into a pair of my panties I'd brought for him, he stumbled.

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Usually, it ends when one person expresses feelings and the other person says: "I thought we were just friends." If someone thinks you're on platonic level, they won't think their actions are giving you any hope, whether it's getting together to hang out every weekend or even if you jump in the same bed to sleep. If you're not happy with the way a relationship is going, leave. If they don't take you back then you know it wasn't worth it. How have you dealt with being led on - do you agree with my solutions?

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