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It was seen again in 2015 then it was reported from past years that this famous American R&B has been dating with Wale.Yes he is also an American rapper, In some of the interview, it was also said by Chrisette Michele that she and Wale have just came up together in this musical industry and both of them have been the part of this dynamic industry for seven years!Michele grew up in Patchogue, located in the Long Island area of New York and led gospel choirs in high school.She attended Five Towns College in Dix Hills, New York, and graduated with a vocal performance degree., was released in June 2007 on Motown Records.

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The album spawned two charting singles, "Charades," followed by the second single "A Couple of Forevers" and debuted at number 12 on the U.

Still riding the waves of her successful mixtape, Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation, Chrisette Michele stopped by the Breakfast Club earlier this week to discuss her fourth studio album ‘Better,’ in stores in June.

By being there for seven years, both of them have developed some kind of relationship among them.

It was too told by her that they have become really good friends over this particular period of time.

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The 30-year-old singer also discussed touring with Keyshia Cole, her friendly relationship with rapper Wale, new book “Fat Vegan” and relationship status. What’s interesting, the first time I met Keyshia Cole was under very interesting circumstances but the second time was the day before yesterday backstage. I allowed myself to be in a lot of tough relationships.

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