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Let me first start by saying that these jobs are for only.At no time will you be expected to do anything in front of a camera.But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast "I Want It That Way": According to Bumble, a chat is 70 percent more likely to continue when there's a reply.

There are no set schedules, and you technically become your own boss.

I guess it gave them confidence to actually message more people if they feel like those messages are less likely to just be out there and ignored.

Getting people to message first is so difficult, and Bumble continuing to come up with way to encourage communication is so great.

) but anything that encourages a back and forth faster is good with me.

There's nothing worse than all those matches left without any conversations, or conversations consisting only of "Hey." Let's create a dialogue, people. The increase in male responses lead to a nine percent increase in women sending the first message.

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  2. The lesson: Spend time on your profile, and don't stress too much about your first e-mail! Be Direct When it comes to virtual dating, forget playing "hard to get." If someone you're interested in contacts you, it won't pay off to "casually" wait a few days to reply.