Beach dating in palm romance west

We have Celia with the Queen, with Prince Philip, with the Prince of Wales, with Princess Diana, with Prince Edward, with Rose Kennedy (the mother of JFK), with Clint Eastwood, with Bob Hope, with a decidedly icy-looking Bette Davis - of whom Farris says: 'I had the distinct impression that she was wishing I wasn't with her on stage at all,' - and of a legion of lesser luminaries who make up the candyfloss world of Palm Beach society.

The New York Post has described the book as 'an ego trip that counts'.

When she had reeled off her acting credits, he had silenced her, declaring that 'anyone can act', a statement that outraged her.'He said he'd like to give me a lift to the casino in Cannes,' she said.'I asked him how we were going to get there and he said he'd borrowed a man's bike and he put me on the back of it.'He wanted a traditional wife, actually the kind my mother was.I wanted to be that for him.' But their first child, a girl, lived only a day. 'This was a time in my life where I felt useless and inadequate'.

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