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This will involve developing awareness and respect for the diversity of culture and lifestyles including: The policy was developed in consultation with Executive Manager Human Resources, Executive Manager Service Development and Support, Executive Manager Home & Carer support, Business Manager Family & Carer support and members of the WIMS working group.

General Manager Corporate approved the policy. Guidelines for engaging with Wesley Mission on social media We love engaging with you online and through social media, and we're active weekdays from at least am to pm.

The following points may assist you to become sensitive to different religious practices: You need to consider, for example, cultural views on the social significance of youth or age, and the specific needs of young people and elderly people.

You also need to consider different cultural views of disability and care of family members with a disability, putting the person before the disability, and facilities for people with a disability. You need to be aware that some cultural groups have quite definite views on the opposite sex providing services to individuals.

It has become an important task for employees in these organisations to understand the cultural factors that influence their work relationships and practices, and the delivery of a culturally appropriate service.

This course will assist you to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients from different backgrounds.

So to protect their privacy, there are some stories and details we simply can’t share publicly.

Our Vision, Values and Code of Ethics underpin all that we do as we minister to the needs of the community.We are driven by a Christian worldview that seeks to create healthy relationships and are committed to approaches that build on the strengths of people and communities.We acknowledge that it is important to maximise local resources to meet community needs.You should also think carefully before disclosing your own personal information.century, the familiar biomedical health care "culture" must accommodate not only persons from diverse cultures, but also diverse systems of care.

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We also welcome questions and comments on how we can improve.

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